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''Gospel Rock with the Emek Hefer Choir''.
'' …. The third section of the programme was made up of a series of songs sung by the rock band 'The Yehudim'
and the Emek Hefer Choir.40 singers dressed in brown robes with pointed hoods, under the baton of their
white-haired conductor Shimon Levtov were the background accompaniment to gospel rock songs ''What about you'',
''You gotta leave me''  and others. The choir augmented the background sound to the songs which were enthusiastically
received by the huge audience.
It was a great 'double success'.Firstly of the visual and sound effects, and secondly for the once-in-a-lifetime project.
Habama (The Stage) Magazine, August 2010.
October 2008
The Emek Hefer Chamber Choir has for many years performed throughout Israel.  In recent years and under the baton
of Shimon Levtov , it has reached new heights.
This amateur choir of excellent voices and attractive repertoire has given very good performances with various
instrumental groups. The choir's obvious 'mixture' of young, fresh voices added to those of mature members  has resulted
in fine choral singing.
Conductor Shimon Levtov  in a short time has successfully raised the standard of singing to a new level and the proof
is in the awards received by the choir.
Recently the choir participated in an  A Capella competition in Abu Gosh to  a very warm welcome from the audience
and the judges.
I warmly recommend that the Emek Hefer Chamber Choir receive support from the  Israel Ministry of Culture.
Mordechai Shalev
Competition Manager
Association of Friends of Music Culture in Abu Gosh.
September 14, 2008
To: Music Division, Ministry of Culture
From: Maya Shavit
It is with pleasure that I recommend the Emek Hefer Chamber Choir and Conductor Shimon Levtov as applicants
for financial support. It is easy for me to guage the achievements of the choir since I was one of its conductors
before I founded the Efroni Choir.
The choir has had a few conductors but only under the leadership of Shimon Levtov  have they developed into a fine
body of amateur singers who have become a choir of excellence.
I therefore recommend that the Emek Hefer Chamber Choir be given not only financial assistance but that they be
recognised for their contribution to choral singing in Israel.
Maya Shavit
Hallel – the Israel Choral Organisation